My name is Miranda Claire Helm and for me, life has never been easy. Growing up, I often felt scrutinized for not being smart enough, not saying the right thing, or not knowing the right thing. It took me a while to realize that life is never easy for anyone, not just me. I had to look outside myself to realize that everyone has problems they face and that no one’s life is perfectly happy. I began to look at other people’s stories and situations, working with children with learning differences, volunteering at a women’s shelter, even just talking to people. I learned about so many different situations that people are in and, while it might have felt uncomfortable for me at first, I realized that I learn much more when I’m uncomfortable, that I’ll never grow if I stay in one place mentally. I use my art to share this with others, to show them situations and disorders they might never have heard of or experienced. I try to emulate that experience in my artwork so I might educate others on just how difficult life can be for people, so that maybe these viewers will have a better understanding of the situations of others and build on that understanding to make life easier for others.

I knew that art was the best way to approach this. I’ve loved making art since grade school, and thankfully I’ve improved since then. Currently, I’m pursing a BFA in Studio Art and a BA in Psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I love exploring different media and I have especially enjoyed working with casein paint, ink, and print making. I’m always looking for something new to challenge me and enable me to grow as an artist.